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Margaret Mitchell
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Parliament debates Legal Highs

Sep. 30th 2015

Margaret recently spoke in a Scottish Parliament debate on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), also known as ‘legal highs.’

Speaking in the Chamber, Margaret stated:

“I hope that today’s debate will serve to increase awareness of, and to help educate the public at large about, the horrors associated with taking new psychoactive substances—NPS for short. The facts that NPS are most frequently termed “legal highs” and that they are openly on sale online and in head shops throughout Scotland only serve to confuse the issue.

“There is absolutely no doubt that there are huge risks in the consumption of so-called legal highs, without exception, whether taken in capsule form, snorted, smoked or injected—for a faster hit—or that there are potentially horrendous consequences. Those include incidents of confirmed deaths, multiple amputations, paranoid delusions, attempted murders, suicidal tendencies, and violent and sexual crimes.

“Although they are labelled “not for consumption”, such drugs serve no other practical purpose. They come with no information on dosage, and, as a result of their accessibility, affordability and the anonymity of their purchase, they are readily available to young people well under the age of 18.

“In East Kilbride, the chief inspector has warned of a frightening increase in the number of young people in the area admitted to accident and emergency departments after taking potentially fatal legal highs. The warning followed an incident last year in which a 13-year-old pupil from the town was rushed to hospital during a school break after taking a suspected legal high

“Just this month the Falkirk Herald reported that two children—a 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl—were rushed to the emergency department at Forth Valley royal hospital after ingesting new psychoactive substances from blotter paper.”


For the rest of Margaret’s speech and the full text of the debate, please click here:

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Summer 2015 Newsletter

Sep. 15th 2015

The end of summer 2015 newsletter – a round-up of various visits in Central Scotland over recent months and what’s been happening at the Scottish Parliament.

Summer 2015 Newsletter

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