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40 year low crime claim slights victims

Dec. 5th 2014

At First Minister’s Questions, Margaret challenged the SNP on its boast that crime in Scotland was at a 40-year-low.

This claim doesn’t include what the Scottish Government records as offences, which in themselves accounted for more than 500,000 incidents last year.

But instead of acknowledging that the Scottish Government’s method provides a misleading picture by ignoring the half a million offences in the crime and justice statistical bulletin, the First Minister instead chose to answer an entirely different question about the recording of crime by police.

Given crimes and offences are combined in the reporting of statistics in England and Wales, the Scottish Conservatives have called for a review in the way this data is reported to ensure a clearer picture north of the border.


Scottish Conservative justice spokeswoman and Central Scotland MSP Margaret Mitchell said:

“We keep hearing how this is going to be the most open and transparent Scottish Government yet and that the new First Minister is listening.

“A good place to start would be ending this ridiculous situation where ministers stand up and trumpet favourable crime statistics, only for it to be revealed that this reporting fails to mention half a million incidents which involve breaking the law, such as abusive behaviour, assaults, stalking and drink driving.

“This practice does a huge disservice to victims and it has to stop.

“But instead of dealing with this, Nicola Sturgeon either by accident or design confused the recording and reporting of crime and offences, and slammed the door on the issue.

“If the public and victims are to have full confidence in the criminal justice system, the Scottish Government needs to be honest about the actual levels of offending on our streets, rather than reporting selectively on recorded crimes and ignoring recorded offences.”




The Scottish Conservatives previously raised concerns about the separating of crimes and offences:


The Statistical Bulletin on recorded crimes and offences published on 25 November 2014 which separates recorded crime and offences:


The Scottish Government press release on crime stats being at a 40 year low:



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The Oven at Overton Farm

Dec. 1st 2014
Margaret has recently lodged the following motion:
Motion S4M-11758:
Margaret Mitchell, Central Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Date Lodged: 01/12/2014
The Oven at Overton Farm
That the Parliament welcomes the Overton Farm Shop café, The Oven, which opened in June 2014; recognises what it believes is the boost to the local economy arising from it employing 20 staff; understands that it sells local and homemade produce, including meat from livestock bred and raised in the Clyde Valley and butchered on site, and wishes everyone at the café increasing success in what it believes is an outstanding example of a community business promoting seasonal produce.

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