"Politics is all about people. As a Central Scotland MSP it is both a pleasure and a privilege to meet and become involved with a hugely diverse number of people and organisations"

Margaret Mitchell
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Police Counter Services

Jan. 29th 2014

Margaret attended a demonstration at Uddingston Police Station recently. The demo was held by police staff protesting cuts to front counter services across Scotland and Uddingston is one of the stations to have its front counter closed altogether.

Margaret commented, “I am protesting against this very valuable service being removed. The alternative would be calling 101. Sometimes it’s not people from the area answering that. What if you have lost something or need to produce documents? It is geared to the convenience of the police saving money, as opposed to serving the public.

“And police staff are being targeted. They help with vital administrative work. If you remove the police staff, police will have to do the administrative jobs and that takes them off the streets where they should be pursuing and deterring crime.”


Margaret pictured with Unison’s Stuart Livingstone and David Malcolm.

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Welcoming Coatbridge’s Slipper Exchange

Jan. 20th 2014

Motion Number: S4M-08805

That the Parliament recognises the work of the Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) programme, which aims to help older people live at home independently by providing support and care in the community; understands that RCOP has highlighted the danger that wearing slippers in the home can lead to a greater risk of falling, and notes that, in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire Council and other voluntary organisations, a “slipper exchange” is being held on 28 January 2014 in St Patrick’s Church Hall, Coatbridge, which will seek to help reduce the risks of older people falling in the home and experiencing serious injury.

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