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Rapid Review of the Safety and Quality of Care for Acute Adult Patients in NHS Lanarkshire

Dec. 18th 2013

Margaret has welcomed the recommendations made in Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s (HIS) Rapid Review of the Safety and Quality of Care for Acute Adult Patients in NHS Lanarkshire.

The Review, which was published yesterday, was prompted by ISD Scotland figures which showed that three NHS Lanarkshire hospitals – Wishaw, Hairmyres and Monklands – had above average mortality rates.

Commenting on the review, Margaret said:

‘This is a comprehensive report from HIS which raises a number of important and worrying concerns, therefore, I very much welcome the recommendations made by HIS. 

‘Among the issues raised in the review were the difficulties some patients, relatives and carers had in getting their concerns heard and the deeply troubling statement that staff were not making their concerns about risks to patient safety known to senior management because they felt that no action would be taken to rectify the problem.

‘In addition, the review highlighted that NHS Lanarkshire responded to 95% of complaints within the 20 working days target, compared to 61% nationally. However, there were concerns that NHS Lanarkshire’s emphasis was on meeting the 20 day target and not on undertaking a proper analysis of the complaint and responding in full to the issues raised.

‘In view of this, I asked the Cabinet Secretary for Health if he agreed that a review of NHS Lanarkshire’s complaints procedure is urgently required. I also asked him what action the Scottish Government will take to ensure that NHS Lanarkshire addresses this problem as patients deserve not only to have their complaints dealt with quickly but also in a respectful manner which fully addresses their concerns. In addition, complaints often raise issues of importance in regards to patient care which should be brought to the attention of, and reviewed by, management.’

You can read the HIS review findings here:

The Official Report of the Ministerial Statement in response to the HIS review can be read here:

Bothwell Parish Church Quire

Dec. 12th 2013

That the Parliament understands that Bothwell Parish Church, which is known locally as the Cathedral of Lanarkshire, is the oldest collegiate church in Scotland in which worship takes place; believes that the 14th century building stands on the site of a 6th century church and has many notable features, including the grave slabs of crusading knights and stunning stained-glass windows; notes that its medieval quire, which is the area of a church that provides seating for the clergy and choir, was rebuilt in 1398 by Archibald Douglas, the Third Earl of Douglas, who was known as Archibald the Grim; believes that this intimate inner chapel has an unusual stone-vaulted design and is home to a late Victorian stained-glass window designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones that depicts the nativity; understands that, although the quire has been restored and altered over the centuries, most recently in 1898 and in 1933, it was recently discovered that the unique roof structure is urgently in need of repair and the area has been deemed unsafe for public use; welcomes the efforts of the congregation and parish to raise funds in order to restore the quire; understands that, thus far, the campaign has raised £1.2 million of the £2 million needed to save it, and hopes that the remaining funds will be found to ensure that what it sees as both this beautiful and important structure and a significant part of Scotland’s church history is preserved for future generations.

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