"Politics is all about people. As a Central Scotland MSP it is both a pleasure and a privilege to meet and become involved with a hugely diverse number of people and organisations"

Margaret Mitchell
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Dyslexia Awareness Week 2013

Oct. 30th 2013

That the Parliament notes that 4 to 9 November 2013 is Dyslexia Awareness Week and that this year’s theme is Dyslexia: Beyond Words; recognises that, as part of Dyslexia Awareness Week, a programme of events will take place across Scotland to raise awareness of dyslexia and provide information and advice to anyone interested in finding out more about it; notes that Dyslexia Scotland Lanarkshire will be hosting an open meeting, Introduction to Dyslexia, on 6 November as part of its Dyslexia Awareness Week activities; acknowledges what it considers was the success of last year’s  Blue Ribbon Dyslexia Campaign, which was started by Ellie Gordon-Woolgar, aged 13, who is Dyslexia Scotland’s Young People’s Ambassador; recognises that the campaign encouraged people to wear a blue ribbon during Dyslexia Awareness Week to help raise awareness of dyslexia and that blue ribbons will be available again for people to wear this year; hopes that this year’s ribbon campaign will be even more successful than last year’s in raising awareness of the 1 in 10 people in Scotland who are dyslexic, and believes that Dyslexia Awareness Week will highlight the issue and help more people recognise and understand dyslexia.

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Scottish Natural Heritage Public Receptions

Oct. 29th 2013

That the Parliament acknowledges that Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) held an informal reception in Hamilton on 24 October 2013 in order to give people the opportunity to meet SNH board members and senior staff and to encourage effective communication about current issues and local priorities; believes that SNH holds such informal receptions fortnightly across the country; considers the meetings to be a good way to encourage a dialogue with people who might otherwise be unaware of the work of organisations such as SNH; understands that they give communities an opportunity to learn more about what SNH does to protect the natural environment and heritage and allow SNH to discover both what communities consider important and how to best deliver its services; believes that the meetings are a way in which the public can hold SNH to account; considers them to be an invaluable means of communication for both SNH and residents, and encourage people to participate in them.

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