"Politics is all about people. As a Central Scotland MSP it is both a pleasure and a privilege to meet and become involved with a hugely diverse number of people and organisations"

Margaret Mitchell
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Caldervale High School

Sep. 16th 2011

Margaret, fellow MSPs Siobhan McMahon and Alex Neil and the Caldervale High pupils.

Margaret, fellow MSPs Siobhan McMahon and Alex Neil and the Caldervale High pupils.

This week, Margaret was delighted to attend a Question & Answer session in the Scottish Parliament with S6 pupils from Caldervale High School.


Margaret, along with fellow Central Scotland MSP Siobhan McMahon and Airdrie & Shotts MSP Alex Neil, answered questions on a wide variety of topics such as this year’s Scottish elections, the European Union and Scottish Independence.


Commenting, Margaret said:


‘I was really impressed with the pupils’ depth of knowledge and they clearly have a strong interest in Scottish politics. I really enjoyed answering their questions and I hope that they enjoyed their visit to the Scottish Parliament.’

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Waste Management

Sep. 16th 2011

This week MSPs debated waste management in Scotland with particular reference to the Scottish Government’s’ Zero Waste plan.


Commenting, Margaret, who spoke in the debate, said:


‘This debate was a timely one. There is little doubt that the whole issue of waste management is contentious, complicated and emotive, often because local communities, quite simply, do not consider that their views are being taken into account.


‘The Scottish Government’s Zero Waste plan contains a hierarchy of waste management, which considers attempts to reduce waste as the priority and the announcement by the Westminster Government’s intention to abolish sell-by dates is welcome and helpful.


‘The hierarchy then moves to the re-use of waste, the recycling of waste and recovery from waste, which means to extract ‘other value’ from the waste for example, the creation of energy. The final stage of the hierarchy is the use of landfill.


‘However, in Central Scotland, the courageous communities of Greengairs and other neighbouring communities in the North Airdrie joint community group currently live with the largest capacity landfill site in Europe as well as four other recently completed landfills. These communities have taken the reasonable and responsible position of supporting and even, in some instances, suggesting recycling and re-use waste technologies be established in North Lanarkshire so that they could avoid the need for an incinerator.


‘And, in spite of their participation in both the Structure and Local Development Plans, the Drumshangie incinerator, which will have the capacity to burn 300,000 tons of waste a year, was approved in May 2009 – in effect ignoring the hierarchy of waste management and the willingness of local people to create re-use and recycling facilities in their area. Now North Lanarkshire will have not only a huge capacity for landfill but also for incineration.  


‘It is clear, therefore, that the priorities of waste management as outlined in the hierarchy are not being implemented and consequently, the people of North and South Lanarkshire, Falkirk and elsewhere in Scotland are not being rewarded for their perseverance or participation.’


Margaret also spoke about the issues of consultation with local residents, the knowledge of local communities about incineration projects, inconsistencies on how different applications for incinerators have been handled by some councils and called for a moratorium on large incinerators and biomass applications. To read the full text of Margaret’s speech, follow this link:  to The Scottish Parliament’s Official Report.

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